My Antitrust Philosophy

  1. Good business decisions are typically consistent with minimizing antitrust risk.
  2. Antitrust law—and antitrust counsel—should be a help, not a hindrance, to successful business.
  3. Good antitrust judgment comes only with years of real-world experience across a range of companies, markets and technologies.
  1. Lawyers for technology companies must move as fast as their clients. Responsiveness means a sense of urgency.
  2. The antitrust lawyer must know the client and provide solutions, not research memos.  Silicon Valley is not Wall Street.
  3. Credibility with U.S. and foreign antitrust agencies is everything

My Antitrust Partners

Law Firms


Compton Antitrust Law Office (“CALO”) provides law firms with nationally-recognized antitrust expertise for their high technology clients. By affiliating with CALO when and as needed, smaller and midsized firms will be able to provide their clients a full range of competition and antitrust compliance services.

Technology Companies


Compton Antitrust Law Office will continue working directly with technology companies facing antitrust issues arising out of strategic corporate transactions;  distribution, pricing and marketing issues; government investigations; relationships with competitors; and IP-related activities such as licensing, standard setting and  patent litigation, including settlement.  Chris’s role can range from training the sales force to managing the global antitrust team in “bet-the-company” mergers.

Antitrust Expert


Why Partner with Chris


For three decades as the founding partner of Wilson Sonsini’s antitrust practice, I have represented hundreds of Silicon Valley companies before the courts and the world’s antitrust agencies. Read More.


With a long history and deep knowledge of technology markets and business models, I can quickly identify issues and furnish trusted advice on business-centric strategies and solutions. Read More.


I have built my reputation over 30 years with the DOJ, FTC, and foreign antitrust agencies. They know me, and I know them. Read More.


In the world of HSR filings and merger investigations, my record is unparalleled: In over 900 merger transactions reviewed by the antitrust agencies, none has ever been blocked or abandoned due to antitrust challenge by U.S. or foreign competition authorities. Read More.

Global Antitrust Network

As a long-time member of the international antitrust community, I have the benefit of a global network of lawyers, academics, economists and other consultants located in Europe, Asia, and other foreign jurisdictions. Read More.


Advising the Board

Advising the Board on the antitrust risks and optimal strategies in major strategic transactions.

Serving as Expert Witness

Expert witness reports and testimony in private antitrust litigation or government investigations.

HSR Merger Notifications

Pre-merger diligence counseling. Preparing and filing HSR merger notifications and supervising comparable filings required in other countries.

Government Investigations

Overseeing and coordinating the company’s response to government investigations of mergers or Sherman Act violations —including marshaling a team of e-discovery, economic consulting and outside counsel resources here and abroad, as necessary.

Internal Antitrust Investigations

Conducting confidential internal antitrust investigations where there are allegations of wrong-doing.

Private Antitrust Claims

Supervising the company’s response to claims of monopolization, collusion or price-fixing, asserted in private litigation.

Briefings for Key Executives

Providing periodic briefings to key sales and marketing executives on antitrust developments pertinent to them.

Compliance Policies and Training

Furnishing antitrust compliance policies and training tailored to the company’s size, products, markets and culture.

Competitor Disputes

Counseling on relationships or disputes with competitors.

IP Affecting Competition

Reviewing and advising on the acquisition, use and assertion of IP affecting competition.


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