Student Evaluation Extracts

Antitrust Course (Spring 2012)

  • The course was “extremely valuable.”
  • He is a great speaker and delivers the lectures well.
  • . . . succeeded in presenting very complex material to students in a meaningful and clear way.
  • Has a deep understanding of antitrust law and practical experience in the field which make the course very interesting.
  • Greatly enjoyed the class . . . .
  • Mr. Compton is an amazing professor.
  • If he ever retires from litigation, hire him in a heartbeat.

Chris Compton’s Seminar, “Technology & the Regulation of Competition,” Santa Clara University School of Law (Spring 2009)

1. Excellent overview of the types of antitrust issues that IP professionals are likely to encounter.

2. I am convinced that you could not find a more knowledgeable, well-credentialed instructor for a course like this without compromising on their character or their approachability with students.

3. I would highly recommend this course to any future (or present) IP-practitioner considering going in-house. These are the issues that MUST be considered before you can accurately advise your clients on everything from patent portfolio management to mergers & acquisitions.

4. Probably one of the most complex, yet interesting subjects I’ve encountered. It really made me think critically regarding the problems of antitrust, and analyzing facts and the law.

5. Easily one of my favorite courses so far at SCU.

6. I am very happy that I took this class; it went well beyond my expectations.

7. Excellent Professor. I would gladly take another course from Prof. Compton and would be elated at the opportunity to work with him in the future.

8. Excellent Course! I enjoyed every class. Wish there had been more.

9. His ability to explain is perfect . . . .

10. Obviously 100% knowledgeable about the topics of the class. The class ALWAYS extended well beyond the scheduled time but I did not mind-the lecture was engaging and very interesting and strange to say, I would have stayed longer.